5 Tips To Get A Beautiful Garden To Show Off!

Inviting those friends over for a BBQ party? Or just have some guests over and they want to have some fresh air in the backyard? Either way, having a beautiful garden will not only impress those who visit it and even give you the satisfacting of looking at the beautiful flowers blooming in there! To make that happen, we present to you 5 tips that will help you in getting a beautiful garden!

Plant Grouping: This is an old-school but still ignored part of the garden designing ideas. Grouping your plants together in some manner that makes them similar (color, size, foilage, etc) in one area will give it a really nice and organized look. For example, putting a punnet of four or six of the same coloured flower in a pot for mass planting has a greater effect than just adding one flower. Adding colors that contrast each other in this regard helps a lot, too.

Garden Art: Almost every garden has a lawn gnome, small colored stones or some type of decoration that can be considered as garden art. But why stick to the cliché methods of doing it when there are tons of ideas that can give it a unique look? Just searching ‘garden art ideas’ and you have a virtually endless list of the different things you can do to make your garden look better. Websites like pinterest are very good at this regard and can help a lot.

Integrating Vegetables and Herbs: Brian Minter, a professional gardener, suggests on integrating herbs and vegetables to give the garden a bit more variety than the typical flowers and plants. “In the garden, integration is the key,” he says. He uses herbs to edge his beds and border, and has a certain fascination towards mint in this regard. “The mint’s aroma wafts on the breeze when visitors brush against it, and the chefs in the garden’s restaurants snip sprigs to flavor the day’s fare.” He adds.

Grand Entrance: Everybody loves a grand entrance. The feeling that your guests have when they see at the awe-worthy entrance of your garden should be enough to set a very strong initial impression, allowing them to disregard any minor mistakes here and there. Besides, perfection isn’t what you’re striving for here, anyway. Some good ideas for a grand entrance could be having two neatly trimmed tall trees before the walkway starts, or a gate frame sans the door with vines growing to give it a forest-y ambiance!

Center Highlight: Once again this has been overused to the point that it has become mainstream but that doesn’t necessarily make it bad. Having some sort of a highlight to your garden that stands in the center draws all the attention towards it, and almost always leaves an impression that your visitors wouldn’t forget. It could be anything from a gazebo where they can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or a statute that magnifies the vibrancy of everything around it.

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